Why is fake news invented? And who invents it?

It can be anyone – an unknown person in a basement. Someone whose name will never be known. (That’s the beauty of the Internet: it lets people stay anonymous.)

Why do they do this? People who invent fake news may do it for a multitude of reasons:

• Out of hatred, spite or jealousy;

• To get revenge, teach someone a lesson;

• For political reasons;

• To promote an ideology;

• To harm a business competitor;

• To promote products;

• But especially because it pays!

Fake news pays!

The main reason for inventing it is to make money! You have to understand that on the Internet, popular news means ad revenue. The more clicks on a page, the more the advertising on the page is seen. The more it is seen, the more revenue for the page’s administrators. It isn’t even necessary to click on the ad.

The idea is to create a buzz about the publication, the interactions (Likes, shares and comments) that will be seen by new people who will visit the page. The fake news item on the accident due to Pokémon Go was shared 60,000 times on Facebook and received 150,000 Likes. Thanks to this fake news, somebody made a lot of money in ad revenue. Some fake news sites made thousands of dollars per month in advertising revenue during the last American election campaign.

You might think this has no consequences for us, because this money doesn’t come directly from our pockets, but this is false. Fake news has a variety of impacts, depending on the type of information conveyed.